Testimonial for RI Attorney

If you need assistance with a Family Court, Personal Injury, or Criminal Defense matter in RI, contact Bethany Macktaz now at (401) 490-0717, or by email at Bethany@MacktazLaw.com

“I have worked with Bethany Macktaz for many years during her tenure with the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General.   Bethany is without a doubt the most talented prosecutor I have ever worked with.  Her attention to detail, ethical standard, compassion for the victims and her courtroom presentation are second to none.  Bethany prosecuted many difficult high profile cases during her career with the Attorney General.  In some incidents these cases were marked with great personal loss for the victims.  Bethany never lost sight of the fact that she was the advocate and voice for these individuals, making sure that justice was served with a satisfactory conclusion.”

Sergeant Patrick McNulty

Providence Police Department

Narcotics and Organized Crime Bureau


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